For those of you that have decided to read this blog and are curious about why I decided to launch this site, here’s the answer.

For only good vibes

And what are these vibes?

Well quite frankly, I felt good in that I finally had created enough wellbeing sites to collate them together in one place making it easy for anyone with an interest to view my work.

Also as with all things holistic and with a sense and purpose in propagating wellbeing generally, the site was created to help promote good positive vibes, healthy vibes and wealthy vibes, in the sense of propagating the knowledge that we indeed do have an abundance of good things around us. And these vibes are being generated by the work being done by all the practitioners whose sites I’ve built that can be seen on display here.

I kind of stumbled into creating these holistic sites, as there seem to be quite a few wellbeing practitioners in my area (I straddle Queens Park and Kilburn Rise, two small West London districts), and the request to create such sites snowballed from there over a period of the last two years.

And when I ask myself why I like creating these types of sites so much, I can honestly answer that I when I make them I get only good vibes 🙂